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About Us

Lotus offers a superior and consistent experience that has won the hearts of our customers.

About Us

The Lotus flower, considered the most beautiful flower blooming every night fall, symbolizes both purity and regeneration which are hallmark traits of this restaurant under classically trained Chef Suman Pradhan and his wife, Diya. Lotus indulges its patrons with beloved, traditional fare while offering an array of unique dishes where Indian cuisine is reimagined.

Family owned and operated, we welcome you to experience Lotus; home of Bethesda's most inviting and modern Indian cuisine.

Dine In

Re-imagine the Indian cuisine with the finest taste you can acquire with our loved ones.

Private Celebration

Encompass your celebration with the best festivities and admirable ambiance of the restaurant

Birthday Parties

Revel the lasting moments with us to mark your celebrations with style.


Our services are compelled to your desire and are offered at the most appropriate time you can conspire.

Cooking events

Annually organized cooking events proposes new sense of style and formation in Indian cuisine.

Corporate Functions

The best restaurant for your corporate functions, to expand your business opportunity and attract clients with the best ambiance to engage with the respective clients.